ZILAB SWAP - Full BEP-20 Token Swapping System

ZILAB SWAP - Full BEP-20 Token Swapping System

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ZiLab Cryptocurrency Swap is a new and totally unique product on Codester.

We have developed a great solution for anyone who wants to create his own crypto swap application on BEP-20 and earn from transaction commissions. You can set the platform commission for each transaction in %. (for example, if you set it to 1%, you will receive to commission wallet 1% of all transactions.)

This SWAP is using Pancake Swap in the background for Liquidity Pool, so if you want to add your own token on this swap, you need to create a liquidity pool before that on Pancake Swap.

Here is the image that explains how this script works in real-life.


  • Add as many tokens as you want (from Pancake Swap).
  • Set Platform Fee (You can set in % how much your platform will get for each transaction).
  • Easy to install.
  • Fully responsive UI.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Fully tested Smart Contract (ready for auditing)
  • Add/remove tokens you don't want to display on your swap.
  • Add more tokens in the future if you want.
  • Web3 Implementation
  • Wallet connect
  • Metamask###li/li###
  • Add a new token to metamask with one click on the metamask icon.
  • Real-time validations (for insufficient balances, etc.)
  • Telegram support button.
  • And more.


  • Node JS
  • NPM
  • Metamask
  • ~0.02 BNB on the wallet (to deploy smart contract)
  • Code Editor
  • Hosting
  • Domain or a subdomain.