YouTube to MP3 Converter Python Django

YouTube to MP3 Converter Python Django

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This is a YouTube to mp3 converter website. It will convert and download YouTube videos in mp3 format after you enter a video url. It has a simple interface and can download a mp3 file in seconds. This website is written in python with Django. It is beautifully designed with css. This type website is easy to run and profitable. It is made by Django (python) with html, css and JavaScript to make it more attractive.


• Convert and download youtube video in mp3 format

• Music download

• Fast download 

• Simple interface

• Responsive in all devices


• Django 3.8

• Python 3.9




Follow this instructions to deploy this website in your local computer.

1. Unzip the zip file and go inside it.

2. Open bash, powershell or command prompt and Run the following commands:

  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • python collectstatic

3. Now, to run project enter the command: python runserver

Now go to http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.