Word Tiles - Word Block Puzzle - Unity Source Code

Word Tiles - Word Block Puzzle - Unity Source Code



Swipe and connect letters to find hidden words and to bring the letter blocks crashing down! Easy at first, but gets challenging fast.


• Connect scrambled letters to rearrange them into words!

• Swipe in any direction, vertically and horizontally.

• Each level has a clue to which all words are related! Use it to find words!


★ Each puzzle has an interesting CLUE. Use it to find the related words in each puzzle!

★ 200+ PACKS, 2000+ LEVELS!

★ Puzzles will become more and more CHALLENGING! Use PROPS to help you whenever get stuck!

★ Earn REWARDS for finding extra words!

★ Get INFINITE coins by watching videos!

★ Play offline in ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

★ All grids are double-checked to make sure they are CHALLENGING and SOLVABLE!

★ Applicable to any age!

★ AdMob Interstitial & Rewarded Video

★ Documentation

★ Easy To Re-Skin

★ The game has 15 different languages

(English, Germany, France, Spanish, Netherlands,

Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Czech, Polish,

Hungarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian) 

★ Rewarded The User If He Rates The Game

★ Promotion Button Apps


  • Unity 2017.4.27f1


  • Follow the Documentation Inside The Project