WhatsDelivery - WhatsApp Food Ordering SAAS

WhatsDelivery - WhatsApp Food Ordering SAAS

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WhatsDelivery is a complete SAAS system with several exclusive features in the WhatsApp Food SAAS segment, suitable for newcomers who want to have their own business.

With our system, you will be able to configure and offer the Digital Menu service to your customers in a few minutes!


Sales page: https://whatsdelivery.altdesig...

General System Administrator: https://whatsdelivery.altdesig...

Username: [email protected]

Password: Admin123

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Digital demo menu of the establishment: https://whatsdelivery.altdesig...

Admin panel of the establishment: https://whatsdelivery.altdesig...

Username: [email protected]

Password: Hotburger123  


System Features

- Configure menu Categories display order;

- Personalized menu with your client's logo and images;

- Discount coupon;

- QR code & Social and WhatsApp sharing;

- Pizza 2 Flavors with 3 billing options Fixed Value – Average Value – Value of the most expensive;

- Free or paid options/complements with selection limit and separated by categories ex: Topping, Fruits,     Carbohydrates, Protein, Border;

- Motoboys registration, send the delivery address directly to Motoboy's WhatsApp;

- Promotional banner on the front end of the store;

- Notification sound on the screen as soon as the order arrives;

- Product categories;

- Change Menu Colors;

- Change of Time Zone;

- It has an order tracking and printing panel;

- Order status updates are sent directly to the customer's cell phone;

- Delivery, Counter Pickup and Table Ordering Options;

- Sharing on social networks;

- Sizes and Variations;

- Registration of Neighborhoods and Delivery Fees with fee values per Neighborhood;

- Delivery, Counter Pickup and Table Ordering Options;

- Hours of Operation with automatic opening/closing;

- Monthly billing report and daily orders;

Some general admin features

- Customer control panel;

- Complete business setup;

- Direct integration with your WhatsApp;

- Control your customers' billing cycle from your Admin panel, if they don't make the payment by the due date they have the menu suspended;

- Configuration of the institutional site through the admin panel (Plans and values, Site Name, Description, Whatsapp button on the site, Support E-mail, Social Networks);

- Offering free trial days, the customer enters the site, creates the registration and his access is ready for him to start using for the trial period defined in the master admin panel;

How the system works

- The merchant registers for free to test the system;

- The trial period is determined by the admin in your panel, whether 1, 2, 3 or more days;

- After the end of the trial period, the merchant will be blocked, and a button will appear on his panel to choose the subscription plan;

- The plans are configured by the Administrator in his panel… the customer chooses one of the plans and proceeds to payment;

- After payment, the service is released again for the merchant and his store is reactivated;

- If the merchant chooses a 30-day plan, after 30 days he will have the button displayed again to renew… if he does not renew his store, it will be disabled again;


IMPORTANT! Php 7.3 (Soon we will update ) ;SSL certificate / https