VPNpanel L2TP And OpenVPN Selling Panel V2

VPNpanel L2TP And OpenVPN Selling Panel V2

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New Panel has been arrived! a Complete solution for your VPN Services powered by SoftEther™️! 

With real-time dashboard and complete statistics and user online/offline indicator makes your VPN dashboard even more powerful to monitor your VPN users!

Bandwidth & Complete VPN Statistics!

Now you don't need to manually SSH to your servers or using any 3rd party monitoring software to monitor your user usage! Everything is in one place!

Public USER Page!

Now you doesn't need to send your user their VPN Configuration or any credentials! Just give them the public account page and they can monitor or obtain their credentials themselves! No hazle!

Passwordless™️ In the bone!

Now your user don't need to remember their VPN account password, it all Passwordless™️.

Just switch the Passwordless™️ switch on, and you are ready to go! With carefully & securely generated certificate, your user can securely connected to the VPN server without password!

Account Locking Mechanism

Want to temporarily lock the VPN account dues to various reason? Now just 1 click and the VPN account is locked!

With built in Policy that SoftEther supported, Account locking will securely lock your account from being used to be connected!

Reseller to the action!

Who doesn't want reseller? With this reseller module, provisioning reseller is never be easier!

With 4 complete real-time dashboard you can edit the reseller data more quickly!

Adding balance? Changing password? Change username? It all Real-Time to the bone!

Clean & Mobile-Responsive Dashboard

Use the panel for daily usage is more pleasant with these Real-time, clean UI with material design theme & mobile-responsive dashbord!


  • You can login to the demo page using this account below
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Password: password


These are the features that this panel have :

  • Real-Time Dashboard!

  • Clean Dashboard

  • Complete Server & Account Statistics!


Here's the requirements to run this panel:

  • Ubuntu Server with minimum of RAM 2GB
  • Ubuntu Server running under KVM (OpenVZ not supported)
  • Ubuntu Server with root access.
  • Docker & Docker Compose

Once all the requirements has been passed, You can open the documentation directory on the panel page and click on the index.html file to read the instruction on how to install it on your server. It's very easy, under 5-minutes with fast internet connection.


The easiest way to run this software is using Vessel on top of Docker. Don't worry, This panel come with auto installation script that will do the installation for you, automatically. 

But, in case you are curious on how to install it, here's how:

  1. Unzip the file you downloaded from Codester
    1. There will be a Documentation folder, open the folder
    2. Click the index.html file to read the documentation
  2. Prepare Ubuntu server as on the requirements
    • Create a non root user

    • Upload the file using SFTP or rsync to your server.

    • Run the auto installation script

    • Done! You will be asked few questions to set your panel details