UPS Shipping API PHP Script

UPS Shipping API PHP Script



This UPS Shipping API script enables you to Get UPS Shipping Rates, Create UPS Shipment, Track Shipment and get UPS Dropoff locations near you.

 All the API requests processed via jQuery Ajax request. In this PHP script, we have used UPS Shipping, Tracking and Rates XML-based web services. You can easily integrate these scripts on your Website or App.


  • Get UPS Shipping Rates
  • Create Shipment
  • Track UPS Shipment
  • Get UPS DropOff Location near you.
  • Integrated PHPMailer script to send a Shipping label to the user.
  • Ajax Based Results


  • PHP 5.2+ (Recommended: PHP7)
  • PHP CURL Extension
  • Active UPS Shipping Account


  • Update your UPS account access in the 'config.php' file. 
  • Right now this script config for UPS Sandbox web services, You can update this service to Production via edit request URL in config.php file.
  • Live UPS web service URLs mentioned in config.php file.


  • Get Shipping Rates Example Path: ShippingRates/get-rates_form.php
  • Create Shipment Example Path: CreateShipment/ship_form.php
  • Track Shipment Example Path: TrackShipment/track-ups-form.php
  • Get UPS DropOff Location Example Path: GetUpsDropOff/dropoff-form.php