The Uploader PHP Script

The Uploader PHP Script



Remove all .htaccess and .webconfig files. Upload theuploader folder to your storage and you can use the script right away.

In the „beforeSend function” of Javascript, in addition to the file, you can also send data to the server, which is processed by PHP 

The script currently allows you to upload 6 files, each of cannot exceed 10 megabytes in size, but you can change it, as you wish. Check your PHP ini (upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, max_file_uploads) settings on your server.

The script plays the mp4, webm and mov files in the html5 video and displays the images in a small size. I included svg icons, but you can easily replace them with your own. If e.g. you want to upload an avi file, than you need to place an avi.svg icon in the svg folder and enter the appropriate MimeType and Extension in the JavaScript and PHP file as specified there.

If any of the files are incorrect, the loadError.svg icon will be displayed. The script does not allow the faulty file to be uploaded to the server. PHP is very strict, if any of the files coming to the server do not match the specified data, none of the files will be saved in the upload folder on the server and an error message will be sent to the client.


  • Upload Single Or Multiple Files At Once
  • Specify The File Type Filter
  • File Size Limit For Uploading
  • Compatible With Mobile Devices
  • Bootstrap 5 compatible
  • Include AI 
  • And More…


  • PHP 7.0 and above