Taxi App - Flutter UI Kit

Taxi App - Flutter UI Kit



Taxi booking App (UI KIT) developed by Flutter. It contain 26+ Screens with different type of UI. It uses the Google Map Flutter plugin to find location and get directions on the map. 


Taxi booking App - Flutter UI Kit communicates with the Google Maps API Directions Service which receives direction requests and returns an efficient path. The application works on both iOS and Android

  • Draw the shortest path between 2 points on the map
  • Filter and display markers around your current location
  • Select start position and end position directly on the map
  • Calculate distance, cost, time of the route
  • 26+ Screens
  • Clean code easy develop
  • Responsive Design to any all device screen
  • Easy to Custom layout
  • Using mvc model


Flutter version: Channel stable v1.9.1 or hight Packages geolocator: v5.0.1


  • Insert Google Api Key to some file:
  • android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
  • ios/Runner/AppDelegate.swift
  • lib/uidata.dart:
  • keySearchMap = '';
  • keyGeoMap = "";
  • keyDirectionMap = "";
  • Run : flutter packages get
  • Connect your phone to a computer, or open a simulator and run: flutter run