Super Swim Fish - Unity Game Source Code

Super Swim Fish - Unity Game Source Code



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Are you a fan of endless runner games? If yes, then you’ll surely like the new Run Fish. Not only the endless runner game will keep you happily engrossed on your mobile device, also it will keep you entertained altogether with the swipe, tweak, and twists of the endless running frenzy of the fish, the hero!

How to play the game?

The game play is pretty simple but controlling its awesome dynamics is really challenging. The runner fish is the hero of the game and it runs everywhere through the river, through the forest, and against all the obstacles popping up on its running track! You have to help the fish to complete his forest run, as well as in collection of coins lying on his running track.


• Awesome colorful graphics in 3D cartoon style,

• Collect the coins and increase the score: more score you will earn you will get to unlock new fish character

• Pick your favorite fish with you favorite colors,

• There are 6 fish character


You need to Unity 2018.4.9 or high.


  • Step 1 : import project to unity
  • Step 2 : change images , icons, sounds ...
  • Step 3 : change admob Banner Interstitial ID
  • Step 4 : Upload the Game to Google play Store