Stickman Warriors - Unity Source Code

Stickman Warriors - Unity Source Code

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You have to fight for survival and enjoy the fighting survival game. You can defeat your enemies being the supreme duelist warrior and be the last one to survive the challenges of stickman fighting.

after winning each level with different powerful kung fu skills Your shadow enemies will be more and more dangerous, When your hero reaches a certain level a lot of skills can be unlocked. Some mystery ninja skills like the tornado jump may also be useful in fierce battles.


○ Combo attack for a wide range of damage.

○ Upgrade your items to higher levels

○ Skills can be upgraded to levels 1,2,3, 4, or more to become stronger.

○ Avoid direct hit from significant shadow boss fighters 

○ After a shadow fight obtain your new energy and power 

○ Get rare items by collecting the magic materials


• Game tutorial on how to play 

• Super Saiyan Anger Transform fighter 

• A lot of skills, lighting power, dragon call, etc

• Two different planets With 8 final devil bosses

• 100+ levels in the game get automatic longer and harder

• In Game Black market selling rare hero materials in surprise price

• AdMob Ads

• Inventory to store your assets

• The upgrade system is huge but easy to use.

• Daily reward and mystery treasures

• Docmantion

• In-app purchases


Unity, C#


Reskin and publish