Stefan Store - Ecommerce Shopping Platform

Stefan Store - Ecommerce Shopping Platform



Stefan Store is a multi language eCommerce platform similar to Shopify business modules where customers can create e-commerce in minutes. You can build any kind of store from it. It has a powerfull backend to control everthing. If you are a non-techy person then you can also create your own store by using it.If you have a desire to create a store that has a strong impression and intrigue, then Stefan Store is a good tool for you. It has all the necessary blocks and pre-built elements that make it easy for you to create a beautiful eCommerce website.


  • Payment Gateways:
    1. Paypal
    2. Stripe
    3. Cash On Delivery
  • Seller can add own credentials for his/her customer can pay directly to the seller.
  • Seller can sell physical and digital product.
  • Seller can create express checkout URL
  • Facebook pixel support
  • Google tag manager
  • Google Analytics page view
  • Stock management
  • WhatsApp.
  • Seller Can Directly be logged in to customer panel
  • Seller Can Suspend The Customer
  • Order Invoice
  • Orders Report
  • Awsome Dashboard
  • Ajax Based Data Load
  • Fully Seo Friendly
  • Seo Friendly Url
  • Review Ratings
  • Customer Report
  • Order Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Seller can set own custom theme color
  • Inventory / stock management
  • Multi Attributes supported
  • Attribute Based Pricing Calculation supported
  • Custom Shipping Class
  • Custom shipping zone based shipping price
  • Multi language support
  • And many more…....

Admin Features:

  1. Earning report
  2. Site Analytics
  3. Order Report
  4. Full Domain Control
  5. Multi language support
  6. Fully Seo Friendly
  7. Marketing tools (Facebook pixel/Google analytics)
  8. Admin can check customer storage limit
  9. Admin can create order for seller
  10. Admin Can suspend the seller
  11. Admin can directly contact with seller from seller profile via email
  12. and many more…..


Must have a domain and hosting.

Must have knowledge of eCommerce system.



Please follow the below steps to complete the installation process.

First of all, Download the zip file from the Code Canyon

1- Go to your hosting panel and jump into "File Manager".

2- In File Manager there will be a folder named "public_html", open it and upload the zip file in it.

3- Extract the zip file in "public_html" directory.

4- Then go back to cPanel and click on " MySQL® Databases", create a database name, a username and password for that user.

5- Now add user to database. When you click on add, then a page will open where it will require some privileges.

   check on all "All Privileges" option, click on "make changes" and go back.

6- Go to phpMyAdmin option, there you will see your database name that have created in point "5".

7- Click on that database name, there will an "import" option. Click on "import" and choose a ".sql “from that zip file.

8- Wait for a while until it will give success message.

9- Again jump on "File Manager" go to "public_html" there will be “. env” file, open it in editor by

write click on the file and click on edit.

10-There you can find APP_URL= "http://localhost/storage/store",edit it and replace it with your 

domain name like: "" or "".

11-In that file you will find these:




   rename the database, username and password and replace it with that you have created in point "4,5".

12-If everything followed accordingly, then you will be good to go...