SneakPeek URL to Image and PDF Suite

SneakPeek URL to Image and PDF Suite

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Thank you for your interest in ⧉SneakPeek Suite v.2.1

For some years, the motto "1 image is worth more than 1000 words .." has accompanied the development and features of this new powerful Web Marketing Platform, which today is the only one that allows you to cut your costs for classic services for example, as external URL to Image or URL to PDF.

With ⧉SneakPeek Suite, not only will you have powerful tools at your disposal such as a rest API with personal token for creating Snapshots in a flash for all your websites or those of your Customers.

You will add value to your content with customized website previews, the size and quality of the thumbnails with your logo or Brand.

With a section dedicated to example codes, to copy and modify according to your needs, it has become even easier to use and integrate on other platforms, such for example, as WordPress sites, thanks to the Dedicated WP Plugin included, or the function - Multi User - (addon sold separately) to allow your Team to have a personal profile for your or your customers. You can even have a Backup system of all your files on - Dropbox - (addon sold separately), or why not ... start a new online business that offers this type of service with the external HTML Form (included)!

Note: ⧉SneakPeek is a standalone platform, it needs Wkhtmltopdf installed and active on your Server (not shared Hosting).

For proper functioning. Read the specs here.

Thanks to the simple and comprehensive documentation, you will be able in a few steps to have at your disposal a series of Professional tools!

⧉SneakPeek is already an excellent Suite for personal use or for Webmasters who want and can give something more to their Users.

Now you can enrich your script with extra functions according to your needs; there is no point in spending big bucks to get the best possible result!

⧉SneakPeek is a Modular Platform with distinct functions: configure it only as you need and eventually, add new features at a later time, if necessary.

In this package:

- ⧉SneakPeek v.2.1 Web Thumbnail Suite

  Single User with Landing Page and html Form

- WordPress Plugin

- Documentation

Demo: Here


⧉SneakPeek Suite v2.1 - 2022

- Added html Screenshot form page

- Update Documentation

- Included new WordPress plugin v.2.0

- Fix some bugs


SneakPeek Features

URL TO IMAGE: Create dozens of Snaps in a flash; add a URL, decide the size and quality. Done!

URL TO PDF: Just add a URL, to get elegant HQ PDF paginated, with images links and your Brand.

PERSONAL REST API: A robust REST API that can be Customized with Measurements and Quality of Web Thumbnails.

QUALITY IMAGES: Add manually the quality of the Images generated, or a standard of those generated via API.

IMAGE SIZES: Add manually, Height and Width of each Image, or a standard size of those generated via API.

YOUR TRADEMARK: Expand Your Brand: add a Custom Image as a trademark for all generated files (PDF included).

CODE EXAMPLES READY: SneakPeek is 1 Suite for all your Web Projects. Create in the fly the right code for your needs. Edit, Copy and Paste; done.

IMAGE EDITOR: Upload, Crop or resize any image on any device.

REFRESH AND DELETE: Update an already created Snapshot in seconds, or delete it if it doesn't meet your requirements.

WP PLUGIN: Use the powerfull SneakPeek API and create Website Previews of any external link on WordPress Website with your Brand on it.


* MULTIUSER SYSTEM: Great Value for Web Marketing: create dedicated Users with personal API. Enable your Team to use SneakPeek!

* DROPBOX BACKUP: Just add your Dropbox API Tokens: Backup of all your files, Images and PDF on your External Account.

* Single product: sold separately.


Server Requirements

  • LINUX Servers (No Shared Hosting)
  • WHTMLTOPDF Extension
  • Web space Requirements
  • PHP> = 7.4.0
  • MySQL 5.5 MariaDB

Warning: The product is intended for users with minimal experience on Linux Server and SSH.

The ScriptNet Team is available 24/7 with the technical support and tickets platform.

ScriptNet Solutions will not accept to make refunds, due to malfunctions created by customizations or alterations of the code, or by an incorrect setup of the Linux Server that hosts the installation of this product.