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Highly customizable store pages

All the stores created can be customized to your own liking with a varied set of built in tools.

  • Custom menus, categories, items
  • Item extras & item variants
  • Store details, open hours, social links
  • Images, password protection, custom css

The all-in-one solution

It's easy, simple, intuitive and does everything for you.

  • No code knowledge needed
  • 10 minute installation process
  • Ready to go and maintained software

Search Engine Optimized

Again, we did everything for you, no need to worry about SEO.

  • Beautiful & custom store URL's
  • OpenGraph ready
  • No CSS or JavaScript fluff
  • Custom Domains system

Item extras, variants & ordering system

You can create item extras & variants for any item on your store and also enable the ability for your visitors to order directly via the menu.


Every store gets useful and ready to go analytics.

  • Day by day analytics
  • Referrers
  • Countries
  • Devices, browsers & operating systems
  • Analytics reports by Email

Fully-featured ordering system

  • Accept PayPal, Stripe & offline payments.
  • Invoices automatically generated for the store owner
  • Accept on premise, takeaway and delivery orders
  • Proper orders analytics with good insights
  • Email notifications on new orders

Fully featured Admin Panel

  • Comes right out of the box with a ready to use and functional Admin Panel that allows you to control and check everything that is going on on your website.
  • Ready to use Dashboard for a nice overview of what happens on your website.
  • A Users management system to create, view, update and delete users.
  • Stores management where you can check out and delete any store that is currently on your system.
  • Pages management where you can manage all the extra and custom page on your website.
  • Powerful Discount & Redeemable codes system where you can give out discounts or fully redeemable plans for your users.
  • Taxes, billing & invoicing where you can configure and generate proper invoices and tax rates for you and your paid customers.
  • Payments management to check all the payments made on your platform & Statistics page to see an overview of the growth of your website.
  • Website Settings to control the main settings of your website, and many more..


  • PHP ≥ 7.x
  • MySQL ≥ 5.x
  • Hosting Service


  • Import the database.SQL file from the "Database" folder into your MySQL database using the import function available in MySQL.
  • With a text editor open the following file located inside the 'Product' folder: config.php, and replace what's between the quotes (eg: 'Your Database Server') with your MySQL settings:

//Database Server Name:

DEFINE('DATABASE_SERVER','Your Database Host');

//Database Username:

DEFINE('DDATABASE_USERNAME', 'Your Database Username');

//Database Password:

DEFINE('DATABASE_PASSWORD','Your Database Password');

//Database Name:

DEFINE('DATABASE_NAME','Your Database Name');

//Site URL:


**Use https:// or http:// and end of URL add "/"


  • Upload the files from the "Product" folder on the FTP server (usually public_html folder when installing it on a domain).

Admin account

  • email: admin
  • password: admin