Simple Invoice Billing PHP

Simple Invoice Billing PHP

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Facturoma is a very simple invoicing and stock software coded in Symfony 4.  Simple to install with lots of features. Facturoma  will save you a lot of time. You can access your billing data at any time. You can even create quote for a potential customer on the go ^^.


·        Admin or user dashboard

·        Settings: Company info

·        Settings: Create a logo if you don’t have one.

·        Settings: Choose invoice color

·        Settings: Manage Numbering

·        Settings: Manage Units

·        Settings: Manage Currency

·        Settings: Manage VAT

·        User: Create user

·        User: Assign rights to the user

·        Third party : Manage Clients & Suppliers

·        Sales section : Manage Quote, Proforma invoice, Delivery Notes & invoices

·        Puchase section : Manage Purchase order & receipt notes

·        Stock

·        Payments : Manage Collections & Disbursement

·        History

·        Alert


  • PHP Version  must be at least ^7.4


First of all unzip the folder in the public_html folder of the host

1 – Create database

Import invoice.sql in your database.

2 – Create a user with all rights

3 –  .Env

Go to  .env   file in the root and change the name and the password of user and don't forget the name of the database

4 - .htaccess

Change the name of htaccess. In the root you ll find  1.htaccess

Delete the 1 once the project is hosted. The name must be .htaccess without the 1