ShrtUrl - URL Shortener No Database

ShrtUrl - URL Shortener No Database

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ShrtUrl is a powerful and lightweight PHP script that lets you create your own URL shortening service without the need for a database. With ShrtUrl, you can easily shorten long URLs, track views, and monetize your links with AdSense support. It also comes with built-in support for creating blog and pages, an access code system for users to retrieve their links, QR code generation, a copy button for easy link sharing, bulk short URL creation, and a captcha system to prevent spam. ShrtUrl is also designed with SEO in mind, with features such as customizable meta tags, optimized URL structure, and responsive design for mobile devices.

Online Demo:

Check out the online demo of ShrtUrl to see it in action!

- Home Page Demo

- Admin Page Demo

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


- No database required

- Shorten URLs quickly and easily

- Track views and monetize links with AdSense support

- Built-in support for creating blog and pages

- Access code system for users to retrieve their links

- QR code generation for easy link sharing

- Copy button for quick link sharing

- Bulk short URL creation

- Captcha system to prevent spam

- Customizable meta tags for SEO optimization

- Optimized URL structure for better search engine indexing

- Responsive design for mobile devices


ShrtUrl requires the following to be installed on your server:

- PHP 8


- cURL

- Session

- allow_url_fopen

- Mod_rewrite

- Apache



Visit the documentation page to learn more about how to use ShrtUrl:



- Don't edit the JSON manually if you don't have experience in creating, reading, and modifying a JSON file.

- Before installing the script, message me first and send the domain you will use for this script. This will enable me to register your domain in my system.