Sellbud - Single Vendor Marketplace

Sellbud - Single Vendor Marketplace



Sellbud allows you to sell digital products directly on your website with PayPal and Stripe. With this script you don’t have to install complicated shopping carts and create their design to match your website. Sellbud is the easiest and perfect way to distribute digital products for free download or sell.

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  1. File uploader with file name, price, description, discounts and featured items
  2. File downloading after payment
  3. Shoping cart
  4. Protected files/folders
  5. Free download
  6. Admin dashboard
  7. Product Categories
  8. Secure payments
  9. Stripe integration
  10. PayPal integration


  • Apache 2 or higher, with: mod_rewrite
  • PHP 5 or higher, with: MySQLi
  • MySQL 5 or higher


  • Import the database.SQL file from the "MySQL" folder into your MySQL database using the import function available in MySQL.
  • With a text editor open the following file located inside the 'Script/db/' folder: config.php, and replace what's between the quotes (e.g: 'sellbud') with your MySQL settings:              
  • Upload the files from the "Script" folder on the FTP server (usually public_html folder when installing it on a domain).
  • Set the CHMOD to 777, 775 or 775 (depending on the server configuration) to the following folders: '/uploads/.