SellAnywhere PHP Scripts - eCommerce System

SellAnywhere PHP Scripts - eCommerce System



Turn Your Website into a Business Tool & Visitors into Customers:

SellAnywhere application gives the power of e-commerce — packed into a simple button or link — by adding buy-buttons in ALL types of existing website.

In minutes, turn your flat Website into a real business tool and start selling online!

What we offer?

  • A Cart Page.
  • A Checkout Process.
  • 10 Built-In Payment Gateways.
  • Complete Back Office.
  • Users and Orders Management.
  • Fully Customizable with SASS, CSS and/or PHP Variables.
  • Write less, do more with jQuery 3.6.0.
  • Bootstrap 4.3.1 Responsive Design.
  • Based on CodeIgniter 3.1.11 Framework.
  • And a lot more…

For Whom?

  • You already have a HTML or PHP Website, a BLOG or a CMS like Wordpress, Joomla etc. and you'd like to sell your products or services.
  • You want to keep your Website unspoiled.
  • You want to preserve your Website traffic and ranking.
  • You want to save time and money without modifying, rethinking and redesigning your current website.
  • You have no skills in programming to develop an online ecommerce application.
  • You have no budget and no time.
  • You are not managing a lot of products/services and want to start selling now.
  • You are looking for a comprehensive, easy to use and economical solution to sell online.
  • You are a Web agency and your customer want to sell online without losing his current Website or/and invest in a new one.
  • You are a Web agency and you want to increase your business potential by offering new services to your customers.


Back Office

  • SellAnywhere Buy Button Builder Wizard
  • Orders Management
  • To-do task list
  • Stock management
  • Advanced Stock Management
  • Billing
  • Sales Summary
  • Refunds
  • Countries
  • Shipping Management
  • Customers Accounts
  • Discounts
  • Newsletter
  • Backups (database & configuration)
  • CSV Import/Export
  • Advanced Team Management


  • Discount based on total purchase.

e.g. Discount 5 % for 450 US$ of purchase.

  • Free shipping based on total purchase.

e.g. Free shipping for 499 US$ of purchase.

  • Promo code.

By entering a code, give a discount based on selected items OR the total of purchase. A banner can be be displayed with the discount & the code for a special promotion organized by the business administrator.

  • Customer Discount.

Give a permanent discount to your favorite customers!

10 Ready-To-Use Payment Gateways

  • 2checkout
  • Ogone e-Commerce
  • Bank Transfer
  • COD: Cash on delivery
  • Money Order
  • Western Union
  • Bank Cheque
  • Phone Ordering


  • System: Unix, Linux or Windows
  • Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later
  • PHP 5.4 or later
  • MySQL 5.0 or later


Turn your visitors into customers in 3 steps…

  1. Add your product or service in the SellAnywhere back office.
  2. Create a buy button using the SellAnywhere button builder.
  3. Copy the HTML code generated previously and paste it beside your product or service in your Website or blog. Incidentally, add buy links in emails , newsletters, forums, blogs or social networks.

See It In Action!

Front-end URL:

Back Office URL:

Please note that in Demo mode, the payment gateways, the functions insert(), delete(), update() and mail() are disabled.