Scratch The Nose - Buildbox 2 Template

Scratch The Nose - Buildbox 2 Template



Scratch the nose (Zig Zag game)

Awesome game with several features, best sounds and graphics. Avoid Obstacles and enemies, just tap on your screen and change position, try to obtain the best score as possible. Unlock new character and get several levels unlock.

What is included?

- Buildbox file

- PDF tutorial step by step

- PNG images 

- All Sound (mp3 Files)

- Android Studio Code

This game was made by us that is not reskin. (tested and working)

Was made on 2.3.8 version and update to version 2.3.10 (to add more levels let us know)


- Template (Included Buildbox-File, Android- and IOS-Code)

-  AdMob Ads

-  Universal game resolution (Phone / Tablet)

-  Unique Gameplay and Sound Effects

Get these files:

-  The full Buildbox-Project file (BBDOC FILE)

- Android Source Code

-  iOS Source Code

- including all Images (png Files)

- including all Sound (mp3 Files)

-  easy step by step (Video File)


- You can use the graphics for free

- You can use the music and sound effects for free


- Buildbox version 2.3.8 ; 2.3.10

- Eclipse / Android Studio

- Java JRE 7 or above


Simply replace all of the provided images with art of your choosing, making sure that the dimensions of the artwork stay the same.

You can easily reskin the game with the Build Box 2.3.8 and 2.3.10

The attached Pdf Can help you to understand how to make your changes easy.


| If the file download error, please contact email: [email protected]