Save a Life - Anonymous Donation Python Script Dj

Save a Life - Anonymous Donation Python Script Dj



Save a Life is an anonymous donation script that let people donate without being

obliged to register or their information being collected.

The reason for making a donation is to help and so long as you have made a

donation then there is no need of getting your details.

This script solves the issues of potential donors failing to donate just because they

are afraid of their details being collected and used somewhere else or their

privacy being violated.

For those receiving donation, all they need is just a Debit or Credit Card, No other



➢ Any Credit or Debit Card Donation

➢Secure Administrative  and Powerful Admin

➢ Easy to use

➢ Easy Customization

➢ UI Ready to use

➢ Easy Database

➢ Django Native ORM

➢ Modular Design

➢ Clean code

➢ …. And many More……


  • Any Database
  • Code editor
  • Instructions
  • Read documentation