QuixelURL - URL Shortener PHP Script

QuixelURL - URL Shortener PHP Script

Ready to use an easy url shortener? QuixelURL is here!



END OF LIFE SUPPORT | QuixelURL are a easy to use and easy to install URL Shortener service. If you are logged or not, you can create a short URL easily and fastly

Some Informations About QuixelURL:

This Product include Login Page and Register Page from QuixelUI

This Product include some part of QuixelCore


  • Link shortening
  • Responsive Bulma CSS (using bulma.io)
  • Fast setup with a installation page
  • Control with a little admin panel who create a link with the clear URL and the shortcode
  • Easy to edit CSS
  • Monthly Updates
  • Requirements
  • Code Editor Tool
  • Lastet Browsers
  • MySQL 5.X
  • A Clean database with nothing in there (it's much better to see the quixelurl table)
  • Minimal PHP version: 7.4


  • Download File
  • Drag'n'Drop all file from QuixelURL to your webserver
  • Navigate to the QuixelURL on your webserver
  • Follow installer instruction
  • Remove 'install' folder
  • Login (or not) and enjoy !


| If the file download error, please contact email: [email protected]