QuickLoan - Loan and Bills Payment System

QuickLoan - Loan and Bills Payment System

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QuickLoan is Complete all in one Bills Payment and Loan management PHP Script for online quick loan system.

That allows customers to request for a loan and instant disbursement to their bank account after admin approvaland  to make payment for utility services like Airtime, Internet Data Connection, Cable TV Subscription, Electricity Bills Payment, Education payment, Bulk SMS, RechargeCard Printing, , Bank account creation, Auto Withdraw and lotsmore.

It is developed with latest Laravel PHP Framework

We're  integrated Strowallet.com Api for payment disbursement/auto withdrawal, virtual bank account creation and lots more


  • Auto Bank Deposit
  • Auto withdraw to Bank
  • Automated System
  • Automated Recharge
  • Buy Airtime
  • Buy internet Data
  • Referral system
  • Cable tv Subscription
  • Waec epin
  • Bulk SMS system
  • Generating bank account
  • Reservation account
  • SME Data
  • Direct Data
  • Cable and Disco validation
  • Ui design
  • clearn code
  • Loan manage history
  • loan apply
  • Loan approve
  • loan accept
  • loan reject
  • loan duration
  • input amout
  • loan repayment
  • friendly User dashboard
  • Friendly Admin Dashboard
  • Latest Laravel Version
  • 100% Bugs free
  • ablity to change prices
  • Ability fund user from admin
  • Account upgrade feature
  • Reseller function
  • Reseller request
  • ability to manage users
  • send mail to all users
  • search/track any transaction easily
  • Print Recharge Card API integrated Automated
  • Print electricity bill token immediately
  • Print waec checker Pin instantly
  • Waec Registration easily
  • Fund any Betting wallet automated
  • Complete bulk sms system
  • ability to view SMS History
  • Print multiple recharge card
  • print single recharge card
  • send single sms
  • send bulk sms
  • Admin can set price
  • Admin can set price for SMS
  • Admin can set price for account upgrade
  • Admin can add more plan for data, cable tv
  • Admin can put there own price for services
  • Admin can manage insurance
  • Admin can manage Electricity
  • Admin can set all apikeys easily
  • Ability to switch to test or live endpoint
  • Admin can approve Reseller request
  • Ability to set Discount for Reseller
  • on each Services
  • Transaction History
  • Site Map Included
  • txt Included
  • And many more 
  • Please try Demo
  • Front-end Demo

Home Page: https://quickloan.codesviral.com

Login Link: https://quickloan.codesviral.com/login

  • User : userdemo
  • Pass : userdemo

Admin Login Link: https://quickloan.codesviral.com/admin

  • User: Admin
  • Password : userdemo


  • PHP 7.4
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • PHP Fileinfo extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • GD Library
  • CURL Library


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