QR Code Generator Script

QR Code Generator Script



Ebarcode.io - Is an online free QR Code Generator with Over 15+ Features on the Site. One Can Easily Convert His Email, Text, SMS, MP3, PDF or Social Media to Barcode with Just One Single Click and Check Them with Any Barcode Viewer.

Demo: click here


QR Code Generator Has the Following Features on the Site:

1) Website QR Code Type

2) Text QR Code Type

3) Email QR Code Type

4) SMS QR Code Type

5) WIFI QR Code Type

6) Location QR Code Type

7) Facebook QR Code Type

8) Twitter QR Code Type

9) YouTube QR Code Type

10) MP3 QR Code Type

11) PDF QR Code Type

12) Admin Dashboard for Blog Postings


The Script Is Designed to Be Run on Any Web Hosting with 1-2 GB Ram and 1 GB of Storage or Less.


Copy the Files to The Root Folder/Directory of Your Website Hosting and Upload the Data, Once Uploaded Extract the .ZIP File and Change the Required Files that Are Instructed in the .TXT Files.