ProWallet vPro - Fiat and Crypto eWallet

ProWallet vPro - Fiat and Crypto eWallet



ProWallet is a full responsive Fiat and Crypto e-Wallet php script. Script support 4 API providers for Crypto Wallets (BitGO SDK, CoinPayments,,, all can be used in one time but not for some crypto currencies. Supported 150+ Crypto Currencies and Tokens and any Fiat Currency.


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** Some Main Features

Fiat Wallets

Create and manage Fiat Wallets. You can set any Fiat Currency with which the user can create their own Fiat wallet. Fiat accounts can be topped up via 5 automatic sources of funds and each source added as a manual means of payment.

Crypto Wallets

Create and manage crypto wallets, and the user can choose which cryptocurrency he wants to use. A deposit address is automatically generated through one of the 4 APIs with which our script.

Users Permissions

You can control at any time to which plugins and how many wallets users can create per currency. You can also edit these permissions for each user individually.


The user can deposit funds to their fiat wallets easily via the 5 automatic gateways (PayPal, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Stripe can be added more on request) or manually. Any payment system such as Bank Transfer can be added manually and the user must provide a transaction reference number and a confirmation document.


All withdrawals from users are approved and executed manually by the administrator. As the withdrawal of cryptocurrency takes place to an address that the user has specified in the preliminary request for withdrawal, and for Fiat withdrawals can choose any of the created methods for withdrawal by the administrator.


With the SWAP feature, users can easily exchange funds between their wallets, automatically or manually. The exchange rate is set by the administrator, whether it is automatic (via Currency Converter API for fiat and CryptoCompare API for crypto) or manual.


The escrow service is a transaction between two users in a secure environment. A user (buyer) creates a request to a user (seller) for a service or product and the funds for this transaction are locked. The funds are released only by the consumer (buyer) if he is satisfied with the work done. If there is a conflict between the two users about the transaction, they can open a dispute, which can be resolved by an administrator.

Virtual Prepaid Cards

Currently, prepaid cards are just an interface for managing them. The customer can order but the administrator must manually enter the data on the virtual card. Your API can be added for on-demand management. All transactions for adding and withdrawing funds are also controlled manually by the administrator.

Support System

Users can easily send inquiries to the administrator using support tickets.

Online Demo:

User interface & Dashboard:

Admin Panel:

  • Responsive Design ready for any device (Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone)
  • Friendly URLs
  • Well Documentated
  • Automatic Install Wizard
  • Multi-Language User interface
  • Google 2FA
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Landing page
  • Knowledge Base
  • FAQ
  • Custom pages (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and etc...)
  • Contact Us form
  • Merchant Checkout
  • Developers Documentation
  • Users Management (Registration, Login, 2FA Logion, Password Recover, Email Verification)
  • Email Notifications
  • Dashboard Notifications
  • User Dashboard with summed Account Balance and Latest Activity
  • Wallets Management
  • Templates (Beneficiaries) Management
  • Transactions History
  • Virtual Prepaid Cards Management
  • SWAP (Exchange) Management
  • Escrow Transactions
  • Support Tickets Management
  • Account Settings
    • Profile Information
    • Password Management
    • Notifications Preferences
    • Google 2FA Security
    • Account Activity Monitor
    • Templates Management
    • KYC/AML Verficiation
    • Feedbacks Management
    • Merchant Verification
    • Merchant Management (API and SCI Keys)

Full Admin Features

  • Full Dashboard (Statistics and Admin Earnings)
  • Admin Earnings and Withdrawals Management
  • Users Management (Full control of user profile like wallets, permissions and etc.)
  • Default Permissions Management with option to apply to current users
  • KYC/AML Verification Management
  • Banned Users Management
  • User Deposits Management
  • User Withdrawals Management
  • User Transactions Management
  • Support System Management
  • Merchant Settings
  • Merchants Management
  • SCI and API keys Management
  • Escrow Settings
  • Escrow Transactions Management
  • Swap Settings
  • Swap Rates Management
  • Swap Orders Management
  • Prepaid Card Settings
  • Prepaid Cards Management
  • User Cards Management
  • Card Transactions Management
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • FAQ Management
  • Custom Pages Management
  • Languages Management
  • Logo and Favicon Management
  • Deposit Methods Management
  • Withdrawal Methods Management
  • Crypto Settings and Coin Management
  • Fiat Settings and Fiat Currencies Management
  • Profit Settings
  • SMTP Settings
  • reCaptcha Settings
  • Web Settings
  • Admin Logs (Full logs for every admin with their actions)
  • API Error Logs (A logs from api providers when have issues)


You can check documentation and requirements here


  • Free Installation on request!
  • Please check demo and documentation before order! 
  • Refunds are not accepted once item is downloaded!