PHP Based Admin Control Forms

PHP Based Admin Control Forms

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Presenting admin control and customizable forms. You can add multiple forms and HTML fields. You can add admin email address, your domain email address in the form. Option for delete the forms and their fields and add new one. 


- Very easy to use, no technical knowledge required.

- Simply unzip the folder, change the database configurataions and start using.

- Authenticated emails using mailer library.

- One line code to call the forms.

- Responsive design.


PHP 7.0, Mysql with PHPMYADMIN User Interface


The first thing you need to download the contactForm folder and extract it on your computer. Once you extract it, you will see two folders.

- formMakers and Documentation

First step is to  unzip the  folder, you will see PHP files and folders, the first thing you need to do is just open the databaseSQL folder find the dynamic_form.sql file. Simply import this file on your local or server phpMyAdmin.

Second step is to open the classes folder and open the DBConfig.php file. Change the value of the db name, db user name, password and Database Name. These values you need to enter according to your server or localhost.

Third step is  open the config folder and open the file config.ini. Change the values of your registered domain.

Once above steps will be done, you can run the formMakers Folder on your localhost or you can unzip it in any public_html folder and start using it.