Photo Puzzle - Android Source Code

Photo Puzzle - Android Source Code



Download Demo APK From Here : Click Here

Photo puzzle app is android game like jigsaw game. Arrange image by its valid order and complete game.


  • There are so many categories.
  • Each category has many levels.
  • Add/Remove category as you want.
  • Three types of mode are there.
  • Fast and easy UI Interface.
  • Control music.
  • Admob ads integration with adaptive banner.


  • Android Studio Should be Installed
  • Developer Account
  • Admob Account
  • Read attach Document carefully


  • Open Project in Android Studio
  • Replace your Icon, AdMob Ids, change
  • title, change package name, generate signed APK - There you Go - Upload
  • that new APK to your Google play console.    
  • Export it as Apk and publish it.