OukaTransfer - Files Sharing Platform

OukaTransfer - Files Sharing Platform



OukaTransfer is a PHP/Laravel Script, OukaTransfer is the best and fast way to start your own files transferring platform!

OukaTransfer is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.

OukaTransfer store. 2 templates will added to the store every week for free.

OukaTransfer gives you Two ways to make money from your website.

Demo: here!

To login as admin :

To login as user use register and create new account.

To upgrade from Free user to Pro user go to Upgrade now and use the credit card testing below. (Do not use your credit card).

Card number : 4242 4242 4242 4242

Expire date : Any future month or year

CVC : Any random numbers (4 numbers)


Those features will integrate in next update

  • Paypal : Add paypal as payment method.
  • Advertisement : New statistics about the ads (Views, Clicks...).
  • Advertisement video : Advertising with videos on background.
  • Users team : You can create team members to work with you on your project with specific roles.
  • Testimonials : Users will send their testimonials directly to your testimonials section with a gift like (+ 1GB in storage).
  • Newsletter info : More informations about your newsletter subscribers.
  • Newsletter templates : Templates for emails will be available for you and your team.
  • Customize sections : New UI and UX on progress to make the customization of sections more fun and more powerful.
  • Settings : More settings are coming to control your platform as you like.
  • Competitions : Competitions and reward system for your users are coming too.
  • RTL : Platform will support RTL in next update.
  • Arabic templates : Arabic templates will launched after the RTL support.
  • Multi language : Multi language starts in next update.
  • Also the door is open for all your ideas to make this platform the best ever.


Sample requirements every server have right now :

- Server Linux

- Minimum RAM 1GB

- PHP 7.2+.

- Database (Preferred MYSQL 5.7+).

- Apache 2.4/Nginx Server.

- Cron job

- SSH access