Online Classes And Examinations In CodeIgniter - PHP Script

Online Classes And Examinations In CodeIgniter - PHP Script



Online Classes & Examinations are easy to use testing (exam) tool for university, college, schools, training institutions and for everybody, who want to test students. It has questioned the & answer system which is very useful for university, college and school students. This Online Classes & Examinations has admin panel and student panel. Online Classes & Examinations system developed in PHP and MySQL. It is easy to use, full-featured and flexible web based application to conduct the online exam and for online Classes. This application has been developed keeping in mind, an institute which has various classes/branches/franchisee and students in each of them.


Version 2.1

  • True/False question type added
  • Teacher dashboard added
  • Exam wise student rank Report added
  • Admin dashboard Leader Board (overall topper) added

Version 2.0


URL: This url for SUPERADMIN and TEACHER login URL: This url for STUDENT login.


  • Teacher penal module depends on active module from the admin.


  • Page Updated
  • Email Setting for mail
  • Module list for enable/disable module
  • Notification setting for mail
  • Social Login setting for student login using facebook/google.
  • Student exam timer, color (means if set 3 min, then if 3min left than timer color will read.)


  • Student can login using Google and Facebook.
  • Dashboard Updated with Graph.
  • Result page Updated with the score..
  • Subject wise exam list showing click any Subject than you will see all exam related to this subject.


  • For exam you can set Random question.
  • Now you can use images in exam For this first go to Question Gallery and upload image.
  • Add/Edit question E option is added.
  • Now we can add two type question multi choice question and single choice question.
  • Add/Edit instruction field is added if you not fill then default instruction will shown to student.
  • Admin under Setting module added for enable/disable module.
  • When adding students, date of birth filed is added.

Version 1.0

How To Works Live/Online Class:

  • Create a zoom account and get the API keys from your zoom account.
  • Save it in the “Online Classes & Examinations” under “Live class Credential”.
  • Add Live Class in your Online Classes & Examinations and enter details.
  • The student will get the live class will appear on the live class.
  • Admin will start meeting using Zoom App / Online Classes & Examinations just before the scheduled time.
  • Students will simply click the Join button and Admin must approve their requests.
  • After the student joins, They will able to watch live streaming video classes.


  • Full featured dashboard.
  • Graphical report.
  • Student Dashboard with Purchased Detailed


  • Add unlimited users.
  • Activate/Deactivate users.
  • Modify user data.


  • Update profile information.
  • Change login password.


  • Live/Online Class System using Zoom.
  • Create Exam under class.
  • We can create free or paid exam.
  • Question add System.
  • Add Bulk Question Using CSV.
  • We can download sample CSV.
  • Using sample CSV we can create bulk question, answer.
  • We have also added Question description.
  • Bulk edit Question.
  • Language Setting currently using 42 languages.
  • Payment setting & configuration.
  • Admin, Student & Operator System.
  • Free & Paid Exam system.
  • Students Result with percentage.
  • Students Answer with Question description.
  • Change login password.


  • Live/Online Class System using Zoom.
  • Manage Class.
  • Manage Subject under respective class.
  • Add Exam under relative Class.
  • Add question one by one with description.
  • Add bulk question using CSV files. 
  • Bulk edit Question and delete.
  • Clone / Copy exam and delete exam.
  • Show / Hide Answer sheet.
  • Show / Hide Question description.
  • Score after finish.
  • Exam Published & Unpublished featured.
  • Exam wise result with export to excel featured.
  • Manage student classes/branches/franchisee.
  • Compose notice for student.
  • Enroll Student in classes/branches/franchisee.
  • Manage Language currently using 42 languages.
  • Multi payment setting & configuration currently using PayU & stripe.
  • Payment Report With date wise searching.
  • Exam selling Report With details.


  • Live Class panel for join live class.
  • Exam list for Enroll/Buy.
  • Student Exam list.
  • Easy Checkout process.
  • Student result with percentage.
  • Student answer key with description.
  • Student Notice Board.


  • Site Theme currently we are using 6 themes.
  • Currency Symbol Alignment like before price or after.
  • Fixed Header / Fixed Navigation Feature.
  • Fixed Footer Feature.
  • We can set left sidebar Menu On Top.
  • RTL Mode Feature.
  • Dynamic Footer Copyright.
  • Dynamic Favicon.
  • We can active Notice to show on the login page with limit.
  • We can update our log in page.
  • We can select Currency with Currency Symbol.
  • Follow our link.


  • PHP 5.6+ 
  • MYSQL 5.1+ 
  • MYSQL SQL_MODE must not contain ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY 
  • mod_rewrite Apache 
  • MBString Extension 
  • MYSQLi Extension 
  • fileinfo Extension 
  • Zip Extension 
  • CURL Extension (recommended) 
  • PHP max_execution_time should be atleast 60 seconds for smoother installation 

* In most hosting accounts, these extensions are enabled by default. But you should check with your hosting provider.