Omega Shop eCommerce Website

Omega Shop eCommerce Website

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Omega Shop is an eCommerce Website Template in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

With a web server and a code editor you can have all control over the website.

It has a shopping cart function, payment methods on itself, a filtering for products, 

a beautiful design and a lot of functions.


- Shopping cart function

- Payment methods

- Filtering for products

- A responsive design


- A web server 

- A code editor


  • Open the XAMPP control panel and start Apache and MySQL.
  • Import the "omegashopdatabase.sql" file with phpMyAdmin. NOTE: If you get a MySQL permissions error you might need to create the database manually.
  • Copy one of the packages folder into your web directory (htdocs).
  • Rename the directory to "omegashop" and navigate to http://localhost/omegashop/Files/index.php
  • Edit the "config.php" and update the database variables.
  • You can add a new product directly from "Products" in Admin Panel. Make sure the path of the image is correctly copied in the database (table "media").You need to add it to all products by editing "products.php": copy a product and change the variables. Filtering instructions: category 1 = men, category 2 = women, category 3 = kids.index (from filtering) is connected to the price to make it easier. (if price = 65$ => index = 6.5).To make more categories (Women, Men, Kids, Pets, Clothing, Shoes, Home, Accessories)you need to copy the page "products.php" and change the variables.
  • You can add a new page by copying one. Let's say "blog.php".Rename it. Open it. Delete the html between template_header and template_footer and paste yours.Use: "localhost/omegashop/Files/index.php?page=page_name" to access it.
  • When the method of order is "website" it means that the order will be paid at delivery.
  • The results (in database) from the input "contact us" are in "tickets" table,and the results from "subscribe" are in "subscribers" table.