MyCRM - Simple CRM web Application

MyCRM - Simple CRM web Application



MyCRM is a simple web based aplication to maintain Your customer data. Working together with Your friends or partner now will be easier.

You can maintain business together and tracking every case and issue according to Your business in one place.

You can sharing document, sharing idea, decide contract together, assign someone to solving case and more.

Tracking and maintaining business will be more easier now.

Very suitable for company, profesional business, small business also good for web developer references.

DEMO URL / Access


- Home or Dashboard

- Lead Module

- Account Module

- Contact Module

- Contract Module

- Opportunity Module

- Task Module

- Report Module

- User Module

- Role Module

- Export data into excel

- Responsive design


- Website Hosting / VPS

- Domain

- PHP 7



1. extract all this zip files into Your root project folder.

2. import file database.sql (optional, also You can run migration & seeder).

3. configure file .env (change Your connection database string and smtp setting).

4. (OPTIONAL) run this command in terminal : php artisan db:seed --class=ReformatTableUser (this seeder will format Your

table user, and insert default user -> email = [email protected], password = 12345678).