My Scanner App - Android Source Code

My Scanner App - Android Source Code



My Scanner app is purely developed using Native Android Language that generates and scanned the QR Code. Extremely fast QR scanner that supports all QR formats!

It's very easy to use, no need to press any buttons or adjust the zoom, just open it and point to the QR code, it will auto recognize, scan, and decode the QR code. After scanning, several relevant options for the results will be provided, you can add contact information, dial a phone number, visit the websites, or even connect to Wi-Fi without entering the password.

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Demo APK: Click Here


  • QR code Generator
  • QR code Scanner easily
  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Create URL/Link
  • Add Contact.
  • Find the location
  • Create Calendar Event
  • Connect WIFI
  • Connect Skype
  • Support Youtube link
  • Dial a Call directly
  • Support Flashlight and Autofocus feature
  • History
  • Save/Download QR Code
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Delete history
  • Vibrate On/Off
  • Beep Sound On/Off
  • Accurate and Robust
  • Instant download, Superfast
  • Small size and lightweight
  • AdMob Integration


  • Android Studio
  • Java >= 8


Useful Information

How to Generate?

  • Install and launch My Scanner App.
  • Click on Generate Tab (i.e. First tab)
  • Choose the type of your QR code (Website, Phone, WIFI, Calendar Event…)
  • Input all needed fields.
  • Click the Save button at the top right toolbar(You can share as well without save).
  • Then, you will have a nice QR code that you can save in your storage or share it

How to Scan?

  • Install and launch My Scanner App.
  • Click on Scanner Tab (i.e. Second Tab)
  • Auto recognize, scan, and decode (Turn On/Off Autofocus and Flashlight during the scan)
  • After Successfully scan, It will open relevant options(Like, Open Calendar with pre-filled text to input box)


  • Install and launch My Scanner App.
  • Click on History Tab (i.e. Third Tab)
  • List of items with the icon and copy/share button
  • Click any item to show QR code, relevant options (Copy, Share, Save, Delete...), and output as text


  • Install and launch My Scanner App.
  • Click on Setting Tab (i.e. Fourth Tab)
  • Turn On/Off Vibrate, Sound (It will operate during scanning)
  • Share App, More Apps, About us