Multi-Delivery Service Courier Management Software

Multi-Delivery Service Courier Management Software

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This web application software includes multiple delivery service offerings such as parcel delivery, heavy freight load delivery, and furniture moving delivery, mainly.

This source code has a white label functionality, and a settings page to customise information on the system.

It is a lightweight plug-and-play solution that is ready to use out of the box, and easy to customise.


Admin dashboard to manage all driver messages, bookings, customers, invoices, mark invoices paid, pricing, commissions, a booking portal for customer booking and paying invoices, and a delivery fulfillment portal for in-field drivers to receive, and fulfill orders when customers book.

It has a website landing page and delivery software connected to it. It can be connected to any landing page of your choice, however, you need to edit the existing website page template content to suit your business and brand if you are to use them


1. Browser and system dependencies:

Web app components work across all web browsers on Windows, Google Chrome, or Apple Mac, and also mobile phones and tablets.

2. Database and Hosting: 

It can be run on a phpMyadmin, MYSQL database, MariaDB, and also Cpanel, Plesk, or cloud server hosting.

3. External 3rd Party Requirements:

  • Facebook pixel tracker
  • Google analytics code
  • Stripe payment gateway keys
  • Paypal payment gateway email
  • Google firebase code
  • Twilio for SMS SSID and Key
  • Valid email in host server for notifications
  • Whatsapp messenger number


1. Deployment to the server, database, and system settings

  • From the zipped folder (extract files) 
  • Upload the main system folder to your Public_html folder or web server root
  • Upload MySQL database file to your PHPMyAdmin or MariaDB server
  • Set server level to PHP 7.4 
  • Visit website admin for default admin login: [email protected], pass: 12345$
  • Go to admin users and add your main user details, and check your email to create your login password
  • Log in and go to the settings page, and add the details listed under this part in the user guide

2. Then go to the dashboard and see the API Keys page, which you can turn on and off to show or not show on the booking checkout page.

3. After this save/update details and go to the Integration tab inside the admin dashboard, and visit prices to allow variable pricing on the software for all delivery types.

4. Under cities, change the city1, and city2 titles to the cities and towns that you will be delivering to.

5. Freight tonnage prices are for tonnages to be carried between 1 tonne to 34 tonnes.

6. Set driver commissions if you have independent driver contractors.

7. Visit the driver page and sign up as a driver, note if firebase is not set you will not be able to sign up customers or drivers.

8. Visit the customer portal and sign up as a customer with your details.

9. Attempt a booking video: watch the video in the user guide

10. Attempt delivery driver management, in the driver app and check admin dashboard for more: watch the video in the user guider