Modern PHP Ajax Contact Form

Modern PHP Ajax Contact Form



Modern PHP Ajax Contact Form

Get the best php contact form for your site. This form is built with AJAX, Jquery, PHP, Font Awesome and Bootstrap v4. Compatible with PHP (5.5+). It uses PHP Mailer.


  • Easy integration/instructions into your current PHP site
  • Field type validation (HTML, javascript fallback with PHP backup)
  • Required field validation
  • Pretty select boxes
  • Repeat submission prevention
  • No database required
  • SMTP option available (default is PHP mailer)
  • AJAX enabled (no page reloads)
  • CSS animations on messaging and active field
  • Custom captcha
  • Mobile friendly
  • Optional success custom page redirect
  • Optional you have the possibility to install XSS Protections
  • Extremely clean, well commented code


No additional requirements.


Integrate content in your website.


| If the file download error, please contact email: [email protected]