MiniWorkers - Ultimate MicroJob Marketplace

MiniWorkers - Ultimate MicroJob Marketplace



Why MiniWorkers ?

MiniWorkers was created to provide a better marketplace to the users and the business owners. Not everything can be done by tracking automatically, You can send a user with a tracking link but you won't be able to know if user actually did what you asked them to do MiniWorkers comes with a unique concept where you will be able to get proofs from users to verify if they did or not. You can ask users to submit screenshots or any other information as proof.

You can create a marketplace where employer can post a job with instructions to follow and interested users will book that job and submit proof after completing. Employer can post any kind of mini-job such as testing their app or website, complete survey, promote their business, follow their socials, and even social services like planting trees, etc. You can add any category and sub-category you want. Every job needs to be review and approved by the admin so every job is legit and safe to the users.


  • Admin or Employer post a job.   
  • Users find job in the feed.   
  • Users read the requirements.   
  • User book job if user can do that.   
  • User complete the job following instructions within expire time.   
  • User submit proof to employer for review.   
  • Employer review and approve or reject the submitted proof.   
  • If employer approve the proof than user receive the amount in their wallet.   
  • If employer reject the proof than user can request a review to the admin.   
  • Employer deposit funds to create job.   
  • Users withdraw their earnings.   
  • Admin take Commission from both user withdrawal and employer deposit.   
  • Admin can turn off SAAS feature so only admin can post jobs.   




  • username: user
  • password: 123456
  • Stripe Test: 4242424242424242, 04/25, 123

Admin Panel:


  • username: admin
  • password: 123456

N.B: We can add any payment gateway you need.


User Features:

  • Profile
  • Browse Jobs by category
  • Wallet System
  • Job Booking
  • Create New Job
  • Earn By Referral
  • Withdraw Balance
  • Deposit Balance
  • Proof Review
  • Support Inbox
  • Many More...

Admin Features:

  • Manage Users
  • Send Private Message to users
  • Set Global Announcement/Notification
  • Create & Manage Jobs
  • Manage Complaints
  • Add & Update Categories
  • Add Manual Payment Methods
  • Add Withdrawal Methods (Cash or Gift Cards)
  • Manage Deposits & Withdrawal Requests
  • Turn On/Off Manual Payments, Deposit and Job Create System (SAAS), Email Verification System, Map
  • Set & Update  Screenshot Limit, Job Booking Limit
  • Change Commission Percentage
  • Change Referral Reward Amounts
  • Many More...

Payment Gateways:

  • Stripe
  • Mollie
  • Manual Offline
  • Any on request

Technology Used:

  • Laravel Backend
  • VueJS Frontend

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