Mini SEO Audit Report

Mini SEO Audit Report

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Mini SEO Audit Report tool evaluate your web pages from the point of view of search engine optimization and present a report about the possible issues and provide some recommendations about fixing those issues. Within seconds, it can generate report for you in order to help you make site better. Some of the few things it analyzes are, keywords, meta data, headings, images, page compression, etc. These are some data points that can help you know how well your website is performing and what areas in particular that you need to improve.


  • SEO Analysis
  • SEO Score
  • Website SEO Issues & Recommendations about fixing them
  • Website Keyword Analysis
  • Analysis of Meta Data, Headings, Images, Links, etc...


  • Have a web hosting to upload script files
  • Hosting with Cpanel or FTP


  • Login to your cpanel hosting
  • Open File Manager via cpanel or ftp server
  • Upload all files inside “Script_Files” folder to your folder destination on your hosting