MEVid - Ultimate Movie Anime and TVShows Platform

MEVid - Ultimate Movie Anime and TVShows Platform

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Features Overview

  • Modern, Flexible and Responsive Design – MEVID is built with very beautiful UI design that is fully flexible and responsive with all screens size (desktop, mobile and tablet) perfectly. (Preview)
  • Easy Installation - Install MEVid easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes with our user manual documentation and your site will be up and running!
  • Advance Web Application – MEVid is built with the latest modern web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, ES6, React and is constantly being updated.
  • Dark Mode – MEVid comes with pre-built light and dark themes.
  • Customizable Layout with Drag & Drop Widget System - The site adopts an easy system consisting of widgets and a drag and drop mechanism to customize the home page, ads, header and footer. (Preview)
  • Main Menu Drag & Drop System – The site's main menu can be easily edited via drag and drop without any coding knowledge. (Preview)
  • Shows Slider - Carousel with featured movies, tv shows and anime with control panel let’s you pick the most wanted Movies, TV Shows and Anime to be shown in a nice slider/carousel on the website header.
  • Modern Control Panel - MEVid has a modern control panel build with React that has the look and feel of a desktop application that makes managing website content very easy and smooth.
  • Custom Pages – Custom pages (for example terms of use, join us, etc.) can be created using built-in modern WISIWYG editor. (Preview of the Page Editor)
  • Episode Scheduler - MEVid has an integrated episode scheduling system that enables you to schedule episodes of TV shows and anime and let your visitors know when the episodes will be shown!. (Control Panel Preview, Visitors Page Preview)
  • Integrated Analytical System - MEVid dashboard interface enables you to know various and important statistics about the site, including the number of views of the site in different time periods, the number of members, comments, reviews and shows. You can also know the active members in publishing content, the most watched shows and the latest user interactions from comments, ratings and reports of new malfunctions, and know the episodes that must be uploaded today on the site, depending on the scheduler data. (Preview)
  • Notification System - The MEVid dashboard contains a notification system that notifies site administrators and moderators about every new comment, rating or report by users.
  • Incredible User Watching Experience - MEVid provide well designed user experience design for watching content in it, this design include:
    • Add to watch later button.
    • Report about fault in watching or download servers.
    • Light out mode.
    • Wide display mode.
    • Sticky floating video on page scroll.
    • Fully AJAX navigation between episodes by playlist and next/prev buttons without any page reloading.
    • Recommended & Related shows in every show and episode page.
    • Social media share buttons in every show and episode page.
  • Full Show Information – MEVid can store and display all information about movies, tv shows and anime, including all about information (name, release year, rate, genre, etc.), episodes, videos files, gallery of images, trailer video and more.
  • Support Various Video Formats - for online watching support (mp4, mkv, webm and ogg) and for download support (mp4, mkv, webm, ogg, flv, ts, avi and wmv).
  • Custom Video Player - Beautiful custom video player for uploaded videos in your hosting website with support for multiple video resolutions and fast conversion between them.
  • Third-Party Videos Hosting Services - MEVid support Support third-party videos hosting services for online watching and download.
  • Upload Multiple Video Version - You can download multiple video version that differ in subtitles, raw formats (Blu-ray, Webrip, etc.), audio, translator, and resolution. (Preview)
  • AJAX Browse Page – Browse page allows users to find movies, tv shows and anime without reloading the whole page with infinite scroll feature and based on various criteria, including genres, score and type. (Preview)
  • Ads Management – Paste ad codes into integrated ad widgets in control panel and MEVid will display them automatically.
  • Trouble Reporting System - MEVid has a built-in fault reporting system for episodes and movies, whereby users can report any malfunctions in any show and notify admins for a review.
  • Full Documentation – MEVid comes with in depth documentation that explains everything from installation to all the features. (online version)
  • Authentication – Fully featured authentication system with social login (facebook and twitter), normal login, registration, password recovery, account settings and more.
  • Disable Registration – Registration can be fully disabled from control panel so only users you create manually from control panel will be able to login.
  • User Reviews System – MEVid includes fully featured review system allowing users to rate movies, tv shows and anime. Average of these ratings and reviews can then be shown as show overall rating.
  • Disabling Reviews - Reviews can be disabled from control panel in entire website or specific show.
  • User Comments System - MEVid includes comment system allowing users to comment in episodes of tv shows and anime.
  • Disabling Comments - Comments can be disabled from control panel in entire website or for specific episode.
  • Reviews and Comments Supervision - This feature disable comments and reviews from being posted directly from users without being reviewed by website administrators and supervisors (it can be enabled or disabled from control panel).
  • Watch Later List – Users can add movies, tv shows episodes and anime episodes to their watch later list to watch them in future.
  • Favorites List - Users can add movies, TV shows, and anime shows to their favorite list to watch them again later and everyone can know user's favorite shows from his/her profile.
  • Support 7 Languages of the Box (with RTL Support) - MEVid already support 7 popular language by default (English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian).
  • Translatable – MEVid can be easily translated to other languages that are not supported by default with easy 2 steps explained in MEVid's user manual documentation.
  • Support for Dozens of Social Media - MEVid supports up to 16 popular social media to connect your website audience with. Where you can put links to your pages in social networking sites, as well as indicate the number of your followers with them. (Preview)


  • PHP ≥ 8.0
  • PDO Extension
  • php_fileinfo Extension
  • MySQL 5.6+ Database


  • Unzip the .zip file.
  • Follow instructions in the Documentation folder.