Metro Pay Pro - Payment System

Metro Pay Pro - Payment System

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Metro Pay (Pro) is the premium version of out best seller product Bills Pay Point

Metro Pay (Pro) is a digital solution that can be used to setup your bills payment and payment collection startup as a Fintech or as a payment collection startup.

Metro Pay (Pro) was built with added payment features based on popular demand from users

We have carefully crafted this solution to ensure payment collection is made easier for customers.

Admin Login:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

User Login:

  • Username: test1234
  • Password: test1234


Admin Features

  • Payment Link
  • QR Payment
  • Virtual Card Management
  • Referral Setup
  • Transaction Management
  • User Management
  • Airtime Management
  • Internet Management
  • Cable TV Management
  • Utility Bills Management
  • User Management
  • Multi Email Service Providers
  • Multi SMS Service Providers
  • User Management
  • Multi Payment Gateways
  • Wallet Withdrawal Settings
  • Complete Content Managemet System
  • Support Ticket
  • Reports
  • General Settings
  • System Configuration
  • Support Ticket
  • Logo & Favicon Settings
  • ......and lots more

User Features

  • Dedicated Account Number
  • Payment Link
  • QR Payment
  • Virtual Card
  • Virtual Account Number
  • SME Internet Data and Data Gifting
  • Airtime Vending (100+ countries and 1000+ service providers)
  • Internet Subscription Vending (100+ countries and 1000+ service providers)
  • Utility Bills Vending (100+ countries and 1000+ service providers)
  • Cable TV Subscription Vending (100+ service plans)
  • Login Tracking
  • Transaction Charts
  • P2P Transfer
  • Fund Payout
  • Tasks Management
  • Security
  • SMS Notification
  • Email Notification
  • Account Deactivation
  • Wallet Payout
  • Support Ticket
  • Referral Setup
  • Account Settings
  • ......and lots more


System Requirements

✓ PHP Version 7.4.0+

✓ MySQL Version 5.7+ or MariaDB version 10.2+

✓ BCMath PHP Extension

✓ Ctype PHP Extension

✓ Fileinfo PHP extension

✓ JSON PHP Extension

✓ Mbstring PHP Extension

✓ OpenSSL PHP Extension

✓ PDO PHP Extension

✓ PDO_MYSQL PHP Extension

✓ Tokenizer PHP Extension

✓ XML PHP Extension

✓ CURL PHP Extension

✓ GD PHP Extension

✓ GMP PHP Extension


Installation is very easy with our Easy Installer. You can install yourself simply in few steps without any coding knowledge. We develop our installation system to make the installation process flawless and easy.

  1. Upload the whole file you have downloaded after purchase to the server.
  2. Extract/Unzip the file and move all files into desired folder/location
  3. Visit https://wwww.your-url/install
  4. You will be redirected to the easy installer welcome page
  5. Follow the easy installer steps