Links Protector With Display Ads

Links Protector With Display Ads



Hide your real links and even monetize them with this protector. Ideal for movie/series or download sites.

This is an easy to use and install script.

With this script you can automate the process of "shortening" links with a system completely private and yours.

It was designed to work with movie, series and download sites, as these sometimes need to prevent direct access to certain links such as video player or software.

To access the dashboard in the demo version, use the credentials: Demo

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 123456

Make a good purchase! Thanks.


  • Configurable delay to show link
  • Time for button to expire (if not clicked)
  • Multi language (just adding "?lang=" in URL)
  • Ligth/dark theme (changeable)
  • 3 options to open a link (new page, same page or embed)
  • API (with include class), to integrate with another website that you didn't want the link to be visible, for example
  • Color customization (for each website to be unique)
  • Statistics (clicks and views)
  • API key per domain
  • Two ADS units (for any ad network - or even static content)
  • Admin panel


  • PHP version 7.x
  • JSON extension
  • PDO extension

Note: most current hosts already come with these extensions enabled.


All installation instructions are located in the "Documentation" folder, but if you have any questions, please contact me