Link Anonymizer Script

Link Anonymizer Script



Link protector script for Warez/Download sites, it is the best option better than shortener websites such or similars and a less intrusive monetization system for your users.

This script have the next characteristics:

It does not force the user to click on the ad.

Increases the CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Increases the organic traffic of the monetized website and helps its positioning in Google.

Hides the links (encryption) helping to protect from DMCA.

You only need a domain with file manager (In this case, no hosting is required).

Compatible with Wordpress and Blogger.

Can be used with several monetized websites at the same time and send traffic to both (random).

Demo: click here


Direct Link: Generate two impressions on your direct ads links for each visit 

Banner: Increase CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

CPM (cost per thousand impressions): Send organic traffic (Google) to a website with advertising or ads (Adsense, Adsterra, among others) and generate impressions by increasing CPM and controlling CTR.

Shortener system: You can add any shortener (,, Adfly, among others) through API 

DMCA Protection: Link Protection.

Compatibility: Wordpress and Blogger .


Domain or subdomain to be installed



Check documentation included in the script and follow the instructions to install properly.