LearnDesk Learning Management System

LearnDesk Learning Management System

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LearnDesk is an online learning management system that help the training institute to deliver a premium training experience. If you need to have an eLearning Platform like TalentLMS, Absorb LMS, Docebo, Litmos or 360Learning then LearnDesk LMS will be your smart choice. LearnDesk allows learner to gain new skills, discover opportunities, take care of themselves, and to share their expertise with the world. So training is no longer a chore, but an opportunity for people, and companies, to grow.

We are Bangladeshi, young and dynamic team of self-starters and executioners with a vision to create value for all stakeholders!

Our developed LearnDesk - Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the best LMS that can help to create an online educational platform. Using this platform, you can provide a versatile educational environment.

This software system is mainly an open-source learning management script. It is mainly a PHP script. Thus, you can organize it in a customized way. Since it is an educational software system, you can use it in different educational institutions, organizations, or individual cases. So, it is a fully combined package for online and class room education.

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We offer customization (with cost)

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Find the features you need to get up and running fast. Now, you get complete control of your training and build learning experiences that people love.

Courses from scratch

You can create unlimited courses based on your demand

Course contents

Any types of media like web link, image, audio, videos, presentation, document or pdf or many more


Build a test with option for multiple choice, fill in the blank and open ended questions.


Build survey to gain insights into your learners and training. Send, collect and analyze responses in one spot.

Create folder

Create and manage folder based on requirements or demand and share the same folder and files with others based on share privileged

Files repository

Upload and store files in your folder. Organize, reuse, and share them with selected users.

Learning path

Guide learners growth by restricting the way courses are completed

Interactive communication tools

Keep learners on track and engaged with private messages, a calendar, and discussion forums.


Access extensive reporting about everything happening in system users


Create as many branches as you need. Each branch is separate, private with its own users & batches.

Roles and permission

Easily fine-tune roles and permissions for different users

Single Platform

All branches are using the same platform and same URL to access LearnDesk


Work on a big security platform with secure communication channels. LearnDesk system, tracking each and evey activities of the users.

System Monitoring

Assigned users can easily view who did what & live activities monitoring. The system built its strong audit system that can easily track every activities.

Learners enrollment

User-friendly interactive options help learners, easily enroll into courses. Any enrollment is done by the admin of the system. But learners of the system can send the enrollment request to the admin.

Information Club

Learners can also enhance their knowledge by joining different interactive clubs. Admin and mentors of the system can create different clubs based on requirement

Customize profiles

Customize user profiles or courses and enrich the details you collect and report on.

Learners Interface

Delight users with a responsive design that fits any device.

Web Standards

Enjoy an experience with a platform built on the most modern web standards and technologies.


Enjoy a great experience from our blazing fast servers

Document Repository

Document Repository feature allows learners to store all of their training documents in one central location.


Certificates are a great way to offer immediate feedback to the learners. In LearnDesk we incorporate the online certification to verify that the learner has successfully completed the course and has gained the specific skill set.

Feedback and Evaluations

LearnDesk allows learner to create their performance to provide efficient and quality feedback. LearnDesk has the options to provide multiple feedback opportunities that support different formats.

Skill Management

Additional learning materials used to develop upcoming leaders and mid-level managers. These include case studies, simulations, coaching sessions and joint projects that complement your mixed learning strategy


PHP 5.6 , MySQL 5.5


Follow the documentation