Hawk Host Coupon September – 40% off Hosting, with lifetime coupon

Hawk Host Coupon September – 40% off Hosting, with lifetime coupon

This month, Hawk Host jubilantly offers 40% off Hosting, including a lifetime coupon for you to use.

Hawk Host is one of the rare hosting providers with both Hong Kong and Singapore locations, for extremely fast speeds to Vietnam. In particular, the Hong Kong location is less affected when the undersea cable is broken because there is also a land cable line operating in parallel.

The server here operates on the cloud platform, uses the latest hardware, SSD hard drives, integrates many modern website acceleration technologies such as Memcached, Redis, Litespeed Web Server with reasonable prices. In addition, you can enable free SSL with Let's Encrypt right in cPanel, very simple.

All hosting plans have unlimited domains, which means you can run as many websites as you want. This is a huge difference with other Hosting providers, who can't or can only add 1, 2 domain names to the hosting package.

Good hosting quality, enthusiastic support, fast so Hawk Host is the Top 1 Hosting should be used on Canh Me.

Every month at the beginning of the month, Hawk Host launches a new coupon that applies to all Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Semi-Dedicated and VPS Hosting packages.

Promotional Coupon Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting (also known as Cloud Hosting on Hawk Host) has similar resource limits, unlimited number of domains, but you need to consider the capacity between 2 plans (10GB and Unlimited). ) to register.

Current Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting price list:

List of active coupons:

  • Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting: 40% off first bill or 30% lifetime
    • Shared Hosting 30% off for life: HHI-0OTELSJ9BQ
    • 40% off first bill Shared Hosting: Hawkhost50
    • Shared Hosting Lifetime 25% off: august2022

Promotional Coupon Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting has limited server resources similar to Shared Hosting packages, but the difference is that you can split a package into many other packages with separate cPanel accounts to share for others to use. You also need to consider storage space before signing up.

Only Hawk Host has Reseller locations in Hong Kong and Singapore, if you want to register as a Reseller, this is the best choice.

Current Reseller Hosting price list:

List of active coupons:

  • Reseller Hosting: 30% off for life
    • Lifetime 30% off Reseller Hosting: Lifetime 30% off Reseller Hosting

Promotional Coupon Semi Dedicated

Semi-Dedicated are Shared Hosting packages with higher configuration, more stable, better load capacity. Suitable for sites with medium to high traffic. There is a Singapore location for you to choose from.

Current Semi Dedicated Hosting price list:

List of active coupons:

  • Semi-Dedicated: 25% or 30% off for life
    • Lifetime 25% off Semi Dedicated Hosting: sdaugust2022

Cloud VPS promotion coupon

Hawk Host has just launched Cloud VPS service in Hong Kong (or called Cloud Compute) for very fast access speed from Vietnam, especially without worrying about cable breaks anymore. It is rare that you come across promotions for Cloud Compute service, only this big sale is available. For customers in Vietnam, you can choose Hong Kong or Singapore location.

The price list of VPS services starts with the $ 5 package with the following specific parameters:

List of active coupons:

Currently, hosting at Hawk Host is still highly appreciated and has 7 locations for you to choose from: Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles CA, Amsterdam, Dallas TX, New York City and Toronto. See more reviews of recommended hosting services.

For Hawk Host, if needed, you can send a ticket requesting to move hosting between different locations, for example from Singapore to Hong Kong... okay. Until you can choose the location you like.

Visit Hawk Host here: https://www.hawkhost.com