Freelance Marketplace Python Script

Freelance Marketplace Python Script

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Jobby, is a complete freelance job portal web application.

How its works:

When users first create an account, they labelled as employer. They can create project, collect bids, start conversation, choose one of the bid and finish. Freelancers on the other hand have to fill in some basic information to become a freelancer. Freelancers can bid, create project, can get direct offer from their page etc.

Installation is explained in the video check it out.



In order to test the site you can create account with a valid email. For example: [email protected]. Email confirmation is disabled for testing.

Or you can use this username and password:

  • username: testuser
  • password:123456

Demo Admin:


  • username: admin
  • password: 123456

Note: Use admin panel from incognito mode to avoid session issues.


    Project Creation
    Direct Offering
    Instant Messaging(Only job poster can start conversation)
    Resume Creation
    Searching jobs or freelancers
    Heavily Ajaxed
    Admin panel for site owner
    And more...


You only need python to be able follow instructions. Its built using Flask framework. Using sqlite database but its configured for postgressql as well. Any database should work you then only need to figure out connection string.

Installation explained in the video in preview, Also detailed documentation that gives necessary information for instructions added in the download file.