Free SSL - Generate Free Encrypt SSL Script

Free SSL - Generate Free Encrypt SSL Script

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Free SSL Generator is a Tool which will create a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate including Wildcard SSL. User enter their domain names, Email, Verification Method (HTTP, DNS). Then Let's Encypt will provide some files or DNS records to verify user's domain ownership. Once verified, Let's Encrypt will Provide SSL certficate in few minutes. We have added ad spaces for adsense or any other ad network for earning source.

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  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Wildcard SSL
  • Adsense ads


  • apache or nginx
  • PHP 8.1 or above
  • openssl extension
  • json extension


  1. Buy any hosting account (Shared or dedicated). in this tutorial we are going to use GoDaddy shared linux hosting to host our PHP script
  2. After purchasing hosting server, you have to point your domain to your hosting account.
  3. Now extract the Main Project file and upload all the files under the ProjectFiles > Free_Ssl to the root directory (public html) of your hosting server
  4. Enable openssl & json extensions in php.ini. In most servers, these extensions enabled by default. But in case if openssl not enabled by default, you can find php.ini and uncomment openssl & json extensions

That's All. Now access your domain and will see the landing page