FlatAce CMS - PHP Scripts

FlatAce CMS - PHP Scripts



FlatAce CMS is one of a kind system of all times where you can customize your entire website and you don't even need a database. That's right! IT'S A FLAT FILE SYSTEM with jason database. A simple installer is built in to set it all up. All in all with FlatAce CMS you can make any types of website and real fast.

Demo: click here.


FlatAce CMS comes with built in modules like 

  • pages, 
  • form, 
  • gallery, 
  • news
  • store (NEW) 
  • and blog as well. 

They make it a fully functional and one of a kind CMS around. You can make 

  • a blogging website, 
  • a news website, 
  • a gallery website 

or just a simple website and you can also make a website with all modules. It's really up to the user to decide.


  • PHP 7.0 min. needed


Upload the zip file and decompress it  to the root of your server.  NO database needed at all.  Go to your domain and follow the 3 step installation and you're done.