Finger Soccer 3D Online PvP Unity Game

Finger Soccer 3D Online PvP Unity Game

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Finger Soccer 3D Online PvP is a flexible football game kit that can be played as a single player (player vs AI) , 2-Players (two players on a same device) or Online mode, which connect players all over the world to face each other in a real-time match.

This asset features additional modes such as "Tournament", "Penalty Kicks", "Leagues" and "Crazy" mode in which all players can shoot at all times (No need to wait for their turns). This asset offers a fully 3d setup with stadium & player models and lots of animations you can use to offer a feature rich gameplay experience to your audience. Asset is also fully compatible with Unity UI system and works fine in almost all resolutions & devices.


- This is a complete game template that comes with menu, shop (IAB not included), settings, tournament, penalty kicks, team selection, online match, lobby management and connection management.

- Extremely easy to add/edit new teams, fields and formations.

- Works on all platforms: Android, iOS, WebGL and Windows standalone

- Simple, but highly addictive physics based game-play

- Realistic physics for a thrilling and rational game-play

- Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)

- Extremely easy to re-skin

- Fully commented classes available in C#


- Unity 2020.1.15 or higher

- PUN (Photon Unity Networking) v2 - free


Please refer to the user manual that is included in the package.