Find The JellyFace Complete Project - App Templates

Find The JellyFace Complete Project - App Templates



A complete project ready for publish includes many of features which you can use to learn or to build your own puzzle game


APK File


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If you have any questions, suggestions, comments , feature requests or bug detected, you can contact us and we would be happy to listen from you.


* Updated the documentation

* Admob bugs fixed

* Demonstration APK updated


⚪ Mobile Support IOS & Android and more

⚪ Unity UI built-in features

⚪ Advertisements Manager

⚪ Admob Integration

⚪ ChartBoost Integration

⚪ Unity Ads Integration

⚪ Confirm ,Timeout and Win Dialogs

⚪ Levels Manager

⚪ Dynamic Mission Creation

⚪ Dynamic Level Creation using Inspector

⚪ Dynamic Level Generation

⚪ Ability to create more levels in a Mission

⚪ Scrollable lists

⚪ Persistent Saving and Loading

⚪ Binary ,PlayerPref and XML Serialization

⚪ Levels Rating

⚪ Debug messages

⚪ Commented source code in C#

⚪ Easy Customization


Requires Unity 2018.2.7f1 or higher.


Detailed information is contained in documentation