Filepool - SaaS File Storage Platform

Filepool - SaaS File Storage Platform

Users can buy storage product and storage own files securely.



Filepool is an secure file storage platform. Users can upload encrypted files and they can manage own files. Files can be stored on Amazon Web Services, or on the your local server. Users can buy storage or premium user.


  • Auto delete for expired files
  • Large files upload
  • Expiry time for files
  • Protected by password
  • AWS S3 Storage
  • Custom Theme Color
  • Full Statistics for admin and user
  • Google Analytics
  • File dropzone settings
  • Theme color
  • Logo & Favicon
  • Amazon Web Service API
  • Google & Facebook API
  • Google Recaptcha API
  • Website Seo
  • Stripe Payment
  • Premium user product
  • Storage product

Front Features:

  • Visitors and users can upload files
  • Facebook & Google Login
  • Files panel and Statistics for users
  • Users can update own information
  • Payments Page
  • Premium users are not stuck with ads
  • Full statistics in dashboard

Admin - Features:

  • Full statistics in dashboard
  • Admin can update user storage limit
  • Ban or unban users
  • Create dynamic pages
  • Read and delete messages
  • Manage ads - Home, File page, mobile
  • Products Page
  • Transactions Page

Admin Information:

User Information:

  • You can create user and try.

For buy storage use this information:

  • Card Name: "Any Name"
  • Card Number: "4242424242424242"
  • Card Cvc: Any three numbers "123"
  • Card Month: Any month: "12"
  • Card Year: Any future year


  • All requirement in documentation.


  • All instructions in documentation.