ExZone - Online Examination System

ExZone - Online Examination System

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ExZone is a web-based Online Examination System built with Laravel 9 and MySql Database. This application is basically designed and developed for Educational institutes that are willing to conduct Online Examinations on their own. This Application fits very well for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Computer Learning Centres, Competitive Exams Preparatory Institutes, and other Educational Institutes. It has almost all the basic required features to conduct an Online Examination. Though we are working on some advanced features which will be reflected in future updates soon. It’s compatible with all modern browsers. It’s Fully responsive & Retina ready. All codes are written beautifully, separated, well commented & validated. We have mentioned below all the current features & modules of the Application. You can also take a free tour for a better understanding. Click on the preview link given above.

NOTE: You don't need to pay any extra cost for future updates.

As soon as we release an updated version you will be notified via Email so that you could download an updated version of the Application.


1. PHP >= 8.0

2. BCMath PHP Extension

3. Ctype PHP Extension

4. cURL PHP Extension

5. DOM PHP Extension

6. Fileinfo PHP Extension

7. JSON PHP Extension

8. Mbstring PHP Extension

9. OpenSSL PHP Extension

10. PCRE PHP Extension

11. PDO PHP Extension

12. Tokenizer PHP Extension

13. XML PHP Extension

14. Make sure .env file is present and writable in the root of the project directory

15. Make sure storage/, storage/app/, storage/framework/, storage/logs/ and bootstrap/cache/ directories are writable in the root of the project directory

16. Composer(A tool for dependency management in PHP)

17. A latest or updated Web Browser(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Apple Safari, Opera or Edge)


All the instructions have been mentioned in the Documentation file. Please read the Documentation before setting up the Application.