English Learn Helper iOS Application

English Learn Helper iOS Application



Learning English has become much more fun and interesting! Nice, high-quality graphics combined with a professional design delight the eye and paint English lessons with completely new bright colors!Ā 

The app is mainly aimed at children or beginners and does not contain complicated words, fairy tales or grammar rules. It contains three main categories:

Audio tales. Three different audio fairy tales with fantastic plot.Ā 

Cards with pictures and pronunciation of words: animals, food and activities. In the same category, you can test yourself how well you remember the spelling of the dictated words.

Word of the day. Words with transcriptions appear in this category, you can also listen to how they are pronounced correctly. Here you can also check how well you remember the spelling of the listed words.

The application has the subscription section. Try it now and enjoy! šŸ’„


  • Subscription section
  • 100% ready to upload on AppStore
  • Professional designĀ 
  • Easy to re-skinĀ 
  • Full step-by-step documentation on how to work with RevenueCat
  • High quality graphic and audio
  • Interesting featuresĀ 
  • Colorful tasksĀ 
  • Clear and easy for understanding code
  • Amazing application for AppStore monetizationĀ 




Follow the instructions from the documentation