Dotec - A Script to accept donations with stripe

Dotec - A Script to accept donations with stripe

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This script is made for Accept Donation via Stripe with extra most features It can also accept PayPal (or Credit card) payments.

It works on any Apache (without a need to install). It uses php5-curl extension, if you don't have installed already you should install it first by: sudo apt-get install php5-curl. 

  • Fully Customizable
  • No Database Needed
  • Support Any Currency which Stripe Supports
  • Change Everything into Your Language
  • Set Minimum & Maximum Donation Amount


Open Setup file and you can change followings.

  •  Donation Box Heading
  • Donation Amount Heading
  • Meta Site Title 
  • Meta Site Description
  • Email Notification to Admin
  • Email Notification to User
  • Name Heading 
  •  Email Heading
  • Custom amounts
  • Auto Invoice Gen


  • Activated Stripe Account
  • Website
  • Mail function must be enabled in server