Disclosure - Anonymous Secret Sharing Website

Disclosure - Anonymous Secret Sharing Website



Disclosure is an optimized source code of disclosing your Secrets with world. Anyone can share their secrets and get solutions and likes. This is ready to install script and you can add Ads Script also.

Share Your Secrets With People Anonymously.

Now need of email to Join and Disclose Secrets. 

Get Likes and Replies and Suggestion from People.

Link: https://codehunt.club/login

  • Username : admin
  • Password : admin123


Version 1.0

This version includes: Client Side

> Join And Login System

> Read post without login

> Post a Disclosure

> Reply a Disclosure

> Like a Disclosure

This version includes : Admin Side

> Same login page for users, moderator and admins

> Change website details for dashboard

> Add Google Adsense Link or Other Scripts on your website

> Create Moderators

> Delete Any Disclosure

> All Features Provided in Users

This Version includes : Moderator Side

> Delete any Disclosure

> All Features Provided in users


There are few requirements :

1. Domain and Shared Hosting (Free / Paid)

2. Basic Knowledge Of HTML and CSS and PHP (If you want to customize website). This website is ready to Install.

3. Database Size (Recommended : 400MB or More)

4. .htaccess Support


All necessary documents are included in the 'disclosure.zip'.